A true A/B test in LinkedIn

A true A/B test is a test that changes one variable at a time to see if it increases your metrics.

If you want to test your targeting strategy, set up two campaigns that are exactly the same in every way except for the target audience selected. Want to see if your content performs better for senior-level professionals vs. junior-level? Run an A/B test with all other variables equal except job level.

Follow these three steps to run an A/B test for your LinkedIn Sponsored Content:

  1. First, create a campaign that you want to promote. Customize the creative, bidding, budget, etc. then create an exact replica of that campaign as a second campaign.
  2. Once you have two campaigns that are exactly alike in every way, change one variable – for example, the targeting, the image or the image caption – and let the post run against the two different audiences. LinkedIn recommends letting the two campaigns run for at least two weeks before calling the test. After two weeks, use an A/B significance test to monitor the results.
  3. Make sure to also keep track of your A/B tests over time. Finally, glean the results from all of your tests (or design a long-term experiment) to gain insights about yourtarget audience and the success of your campaigns.

You can perform your A/B test with these types of LinkedIn ads: