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Case Studies

If you plan to grow an iconic digital brand, then you need to partner with an PPC agency that has the strategies, tools and expertise to take you to the next level.

Defined can develop a brand-driven strategy that will allow you to reach your target customers, generate leads, nurture sales and improve the overall engagement with your brand.

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Product: B2B SaaS for Banking and Insurance Companies – The Conversational Platform for Financial Services

Type of PPC: Full SEM Account set up, management and optimisation, SEM offline event support, Remarketing, Very close SEM and SEO collaboration and allied strategy on each funnel’s level, SMM in LinkedIn – lead gen.

Results so far: SEM Traffic has the highest CR 2.27% from all online channels and the lowest Bounce rate.


Product: B2B SaaS for eCommerce Retailers and Manufacturers

Type of PPC:  Full SEM Account Audit, PPC Account Set up, Optimisation and management. Digital Marketing strategy for the US, UK, Australia and DACH markets. Full SMM accounts management focused on Lead generation

Success: 79% Decrease in CPA and 200% increase in Lead gen from Paid Social Channels like LinkedIn and Facebook

Managed budget – $600k p/a


Product: Private Higher Education for B2B and B2C

Type of PPC work: Full SEM and SMM account management and expansion

Growth in total:Grown core online, performance-based products revenue 40%+ YOY and over 500% increase in sales driven by paid online channels in 5 years’ time

Managed budget $3.5m p/a



Product: Mobile Credit Card Machine for B2B

Type of PPC work: Full PPC Google Ads account management and Social Media Lead gen on LinkedIn and Facebook

Success:  Double the amount of leads generated from Google Ads and Facebook and decreased CPA from over $200 to $87 in a 2 months.

Managed budget – $400k p/a



Objective: to drive more users to watch popular shows on the ITV player website.

Challenge: the ROI was very low and ITV wanted to stop using Search Network to advertise the product.

Execution: we conducted thorough analysis of the market space where we identified that, for some core terms, the current CPC was set to a very high level. We ensured constant optimisation of the CPC and consequently managed to decrease the CPC by 57% whilst increasing traffic by 243%. This resulted in a ROI increase of 48%.