Managing a Client’s Google Adwords Account with a Tiny Spend

Google Adwords with a Tiny Spend – The Background

A client of ours wanted to increase the amount of sale leads as their current level of speculative phone calls was low. This was mainly due to a low position in organic SERP combined with low brand awareness.

We suggested running a test with Google Adwords, enabling them to appear above organic results. The first tricky bit was that the keywords that are the most relevant to the business are also highly competitive generally. Secondly, the client had a limited daily budget.

Following keyword analysis we were able to identify a core of 5 keywords which were driving 98% of the traffic. These were the keywords we couldn’t ignore.

The daily budget was not sufficient to last for a whole day. In fact, it was quickly depleted in the first few hours each day. The early hours before business doors are even open.

Ok, so what now? What if the budget is being depleted by 5 in the morning? How can we make it work?

  1. After talking to the client, we established that the majority of sales were conversely made in the late afternoon and evening.
  2. We also discovered that in the late afternoon, several key competitors were already not visible in ad space – most likely, due to the same budget reason.

Google Adwords – The Solution

Therefore, a powerful solution for the client was “Ad Scheduling” in Google Adwords. We set up campaigns with ads being displayed between 19:00 -24:00.

Thanks to this, the client started to receive more clicks, especially as we could optimise the CPC to be reduced too. Ads were displayed at a high position, usually ranked second or third, and the client started to receive more enquirers and sales leads.

A tiny budget, and a successful Google Adwords PPC approach.