My list of 17 best tips to make your PPC work.
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17 Tips of Google Ads account optimisation.

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is one of the leading digital channels various sizes of businesses use to reach their customers. A 2018 survey by Clutch reveals that 45% of small businesses do PPC advertising.

Certainly, PPC marketing can be rewarding, but it can also be expensive.

Here is my list of 17 best tips to make your PPC work.

PPC TIP #1: Know your target audience – do proper keyword research of your potential customers – think what they would search for to find your products?

Focus on this task, brainstorm, and take time, as you want to have a solid base.

To give an example. Keywords could be split into different categories. e.g. 1. Product-related; 2. Brand-related; 3; Solution research-based keywords; 4. General research,

If you would like to do banner advertising – display – do research which websites are relevant to your product or spend time too see what custom intent behaviour they could have.

PPC TIP #2: Always defend your brand and bid on your brand terms – don’t leave this space to your competitors or they will use. This is as a MUST.

PPC TIP #3: Advertise on Multiple Devices – desktop, tablet, mobile or tv, BUT monitor this to see which device underperform and take action, remember to check in Google Analytics cross-device reporting to make sure you take the right decisions.

Cross-Device Overlap

PPC TIP #4Optimize Your Ads for Revenue – track conversions and revenue of each ad – pause ads that don’t bring any revenue.

PPC TIP #5Always expand and AB test – market is evolving and so your customers – see which ads are the most appealing and try to improve them. Pause ads tip #4 that don’t drive value. Think outside of the box and don’t blindly follow competitors. What works might seem to work for them might not work for you. Test different USPs and different CTAs.

PPC TIP #6: Allocate your budget strategically. Make sure your brand name has 100% Impression Share, and your core terms that drive the majority of revenue also have sufficient budget. If you running on a limited budget, focus on keywords that actually drive revenue.

PPC TIP #7: THIS IS BIG ONE: You must make sure your landing pages are in line with your keywords, ads and also have great UX – this is the key – great UX = Great CR and revenue.

It is easy to drive more traffic to the website, but the key is to increase CR not traffic.

PPC TIP #8: 20:80 rule – in most cases 20% of your keywords will drive 80% of your traffic. Make sure you are spending 80% of your time on optimizing the 20% of your keywords.

PPC TIP #9: Take Advantage of New PPC Advertising Features – BUT test it – not each feature will help you boost performance. Some feature makes ads look clustered and odd.

e.g. one of my clients used phone extension. In short – it did not work. It drove lots of calls that had 0 value to the business.

PPC TIP #10: Always Split Test – always have 3-5 ads in your ad group running and keep on monitoring them.

PPC TIP #11: GO deep, go granular and take time. Google Ads account structure and optimization is a lengthy and ongoing process. Make sure you create the account in a logical way. This will help you to manage the account in the most efficient way and also help you build a good Quality Score.

PPC TIP #12: Use geo-location if you think it makes sense – in other word, see where your customers are based. It might make sense to split the campaigns by tier 1 and tier 2 locations.

e.g. for one of my eCommerce client, I split the campaigns by states. We target core states- where we get the majority of sales, and tier 2 states where get some sile by the CPA is on a higher end. Thanks to this we can allocate the majority of the budget TIP #6 in the tier 1 states.

PPC TIP #13: Always check Search Term report. Make sure you don’t show your ads on irrelevant search terms. This include both, google search and google shopping.

PPC TIP #14: Put your keywords in organized theme ad groups. This will help in building good QS and create relevant ads. 

PPC TIP #15: Monitor your budget on a regular basis, don’t let it just run. Make sure you learn the account and the customer’s search behaviour,

PPC TIP #16: Optimize, Optimize, Optimize. Take time and optimize your Google ads account. There are so many variables that can influence your PPC performance.

PPC TIP #17: Experiment and test! The ultimate goal of each PPC campaign is to drive leads and revenue. You need to test, experiment and play with the account to see what work and what does not. Test different account structures, keywords, match types, test DSA.

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