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If you plan to grow an iconic digital brand, then you need to partner with an agency that has the strategies, tools and expertise to take you to the next level. Defined can develop a brand-driven strategy that will allow you to reach your target customers, generate leads, nurture sales and improve the overall engagement with your brand.

You can see a list of brands that we have worked with.


Land rover

Objective: to provide Land Rover with a constant branding campaign with gradual awareness increasing around their latest 2010 released model – the Land Rover Evoque.

Execution: we ensured that all brand terms, and terms associated with the newest model, were fully covered with a 100% Impression Share in the search network (Google, Yahoo, and Bing). The main KPI was CPL for 3 goals: Test Drive Request; Find a Dealer; and Brochure Download.



Objective: to provide Jaguar with a branding and awareness campaign similar to Land Rover, along with a CPL target.

Challenge: Jaguar’s website was structured in Flash and as such it was difficult to track user behaviour within the site. The UX was not great and therefore CR was low alongside a relatively high CPL.

Execution: alongside Search Network, we utilised Google Display Network. Lower CPC and highly targeted placements helped in decreasing the CPL and increased the amount of conversions for: Test Drive Request; Find a Dealer; and Brochure Download.


Objective: to increase awareness of new products, specifically Smart TVs and Smart Washing Machines.

Challenge: to compete with Samsung and other retailers on the core search terms.

Execution: we developed constant keyword research to ensure we are covering the majority of this niche market. This was done with a low search volume but high CTR.



Objective: to drive more users to watch popular shows on the ITV player website.

Challenge: the ROI was very low and ITV wanted to stop using Search Network to advertise the product.

Execution: we conducted thorough analysis of the market space where we identified that, for some core terms, the current CPC was set to a very high level. We ensured constant optimisation of the CPC and consequently managed to decrease the CPC by 57% whilst increasing traffic by 243%. This resulted in a ROI increase of 48%.



Objective: to increase awareness on new range of pet food, whilst also driving engagement with the Rowntrees Jelly Tots website for kids.

Challenge: competing effectively against retailers for pet food keywords, and finding a way to drive engagement to the Rowntrees website.

Execution: we ensured constant keyword research, to make sure we are covering search terms for majority of pet products – as well as identifying keywords which are neither too expensive or too competitive, to drive users – specifically kids – to the Rowntrees website.